Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Housekeeping.....You want towel?

I want to pause for a moment and welcome all the new friends we've picked up at the blog today. The guys as the Pensblog and some little website called Deadspin were among those kind enough to pick up and link my Darcy Robinson story. I also noticed from the referrals that this humble blog is on the first page of results for a google search of "Darcy Robinson" so I think that's incredibly cool too.

I hope you like it here and want to comeback for Penguins/NHL and other news, stories and opinions. Feel free to treat the comments as an open forum and contribute there if you'd like.

This isn't a self-promotion zone or anything and I'm not going to be marketing much in the way of myself or advertisers. So relax, enjoy and chime in if the mood strikes you or my comments strike a nerve.

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