Friday, October 26, 2007

Pens Collapse

Not much to say, a poor effort from the Penguins who kinda looked like once Sidney Crosby punched in first goal of the game then that's all it would be.

Michel Therrien did go through with using his lines from practice in a game, which is spurring some angst among the fanbase. I still think it's too early in the process to even think of replacing Therrien (as the most extreme suggest) but some of his decisions are very questionable.

Still, a game at home against an opponent under .500? That's one you need to win.

Some general thoughts from around the NHL:
--2 nights and 2 fights for Vincent Lecavalier of the Lightning????? What has gotten into him? Last night he got slashed a couple of times by Scott Hartnell and he responded by turning around and dropping the gloves. The night before Lecavalier was incensed by what looked like a defensemen finishing a routine check. I think Vinny is trying to send a message to the league: no more playing nice, he is not something that will be f'ed with any longer.
--Zdeno Chara is back and swinging them hard. Former Baby Pen David Koci, who was already playing with a nose that got broken in a fight the other night, was bloodied up big time. But he had the heart to keep fighting even after Chara opened him up pretty bad, so good for him.
--And don't look now but the Bruins are 6-3-0. They might be a surprise team in the East. Claude Julien, rudely fired right before the playoffs by New Jersey, might have some vindication on his hands. Surely he's opening my eyes into being a pretty good coach.

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