Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gameday 10: Kovalev and the Habs

Tonight's last home-game before a quick western swing to Minnesota and Colorado, and then divisional road games against the Islanders and Devils. So obviously it's going to be important for the Pens to get these two points before hitting the road.

Old friend Alexei Kovalev and his Montreal Canadiens are tonights visitors. Notes:

  • You'd think Pittsburgh would be at an advantage, since Montreal played against Carolina. But the Habs put up 7 goals last night against what's been a good team in the Hurramacanes, so they might be carrying some momentum.
  • The Penguins called up Tyler Kennedy from Wilkes-Barre. Kennedy has been decent (5 points in 6 games), but unquestionably WB/S's best player has been AHL leading goal scorer Jeff Taffe. Kennedy is more of a NHL prospect and better fits the role of shaken up Maxime Talbot so that's probably why he got the call.
  • No word if Talbot is out of the lineup or even if Kennedy will play. Talbot seems like he should go, and other than BGL there aren't any injuries known, so I'm guessing Kennedy will sit tonight and if Talbot is ok; Kennedy will be returned to Wilkes-Barre before the trip West. Seems like he's just insurance for if Talbot can't go, or if another forward gets hurt tonight.
  • There is word, from Lord Therrien himself that Old Man Recchi will stay on Crosby's top line, atleast for now. Despite the fact that Recchi seemingly hasn't scored a goal in time that Jordan Staal's as been alive, Therrien is sticking with him, but admitted sooner or later you have to look at the results and make a change. At this rate, Pens fans can only hope it's "sooner". Recchi has seemed to hit the wall this year that Johnny Vermont hit last year. It's over and it's obvious.

The Penguins need to get the two points to be able to get four points in the past three game stretch that I said would be acceptable. So that means a win.

Penguins 4
Habs 2
(winner by Sykora)

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