Monday, October 1, 2007

Kevin Allen is the smartest man in America!

Which is to say, I agree with him!

Kevin Allen, of the USA Today gave 10 reasons why the Penguins will raise the Cup this season....I liked it. But this summed it up.

1. The Crosby factor: Crosby is ready to lead the Penguins. At 20, Sidney he is already the NHL's best pure player. He sees the ice like Wayne Gretzky, carries the flag like Mark Messier and drives to the net like Gordie Howe. He's mature beyond his years, and he's driven to win a championship. Not many are ready to captain a team at 20, but Crosby appears to be. As probably the league's most important arrival since Mario Lemieux, Crosby has faced heavy pressure, exceeded expectations, and done so with humility and style. He seems to always make the right play, and say the right words after the game.

Atta boy, Kevin!

The Penguins will be a very popular and trendy pre-season pick. The burden of expectations on the team, and especially Captain Crosby will be tremendous. But it's nothing short of what he's been going through since Gretzky himself appointed Crosby "the next one" years before he'd even play an NHL game!

Bring it, NHL.

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