Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Evidence Crosby's On A Different plane

NHL GMs were asked who they'd most want to build a franchise upon, given every player in the league.

Every player, except one Sidney Patrick Crosby.

If one ever needed any more evidence how far and away Bing has separated himself from every other player in the league, even the marquee ones, this is it.

FYI, the results were:

Luongo: 16

Lecavalier: 2
Ovechkin: 2

Getzlaf: 1
Lundqvist: 1
Malkin: 1
S. Niedermayer: 1
E. Staal: 1
J. Staal:1

Things of surprise and note:
--No surprise Luongo was the majority winner. A young dominant goalie is not a bad franchise corner piece.
--Only one defensemen, and that's a guy (Scott Niedermayer) who may never play again! I suppose if Nik Lidstrom or Chris Pronger were about 5 years younger, they would merit more consideration.
--No Joe Thornton? No Dany Heatley or Jason Spezza?
--I am a little surprised at the spread, and especially some of the guys listed. Ryan Getzlaf, really? Henny Lundqvist, really? And, as much as I like him, an NHL GM would really taken Jordan Staal over every single player in the league to build around?

My vote, other than Crosby would have been Malkin. A strong, electric center who showed glimpses of brilliance even through all the drama and turmoil of last season. Plus he still doesn't know much of the language or intricacies of the NHL. He's a well rounded, amazing skill player with an even higher ceiling.

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