Monday, October 29, 2007

Whispers from Canada.....

North of the border has been whispering a lot lately about the Penguins and their goalie situation. Last week, TSN's Bob McKenzie speculated that Ray Shero was growing impatient with Marc-Andre Fleury and was looking into a trade or free-agent signing to bolster the club with a little more proven goaltender.

Now we're hearing from an Ottawa newspaper that the Pens might be interested in Montreal goaler Jaroslav Halak. And not the first time, we're hearing that the Habs are interested in Colby Armstrong (who's name seems to be linked to MTL a lot). Bob Gainey, the Canadiens GM was at a recent Pens/Rangers game, which is unusual for a general manager to be at another team's game like that simply for routine scouting purposes.

I don't buy this rumor, I don't think Mr. Shero is looking to make a trade for a goalie anytime soon. Fleury hasn't been as reliable as hoped, but the whole team hasn't really hit a consistent stride yet. Also Halak is not a proven goalie, he hasn't even been in the NHL for a full calender year. I'd put more credibility if the Pens went for someone like Anaheim's backup, Ilya Brzgdsafhjadlof or someone a little more veteran.

And hey, if none of that works out there's always another possibility that just got dreamt up....

Who else threw up in their mouth a little bit?

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