Sunday, February 10, 2008

Greenie looking for Phaneuf Money?

Mike Green is a jokester (also pictured Brooks Laich [left] and me and my buddy

After the Caps game on Sunday, 4 players (Brooks Laich, Shaone Morrisonn, Mike Green and Eric Fehr) went to a bar after the game.

Among what I found out:

``Fehr said that his back and his hip are absolutely at 100%.
``Laich told the crowd much to my delight (when asked) that the best hockey player he has ever lined up against is in fact Sidney Crosby.
``I talked to Green about Dion Phaneuf's 6 year $39 million dollar new contract and asked him point blank where he would try to negotiate off of that..."You know me and Phaneuf have the same agent, right?" Greenie said. I just nodded and said, "Oh damn, so you about to get paid, huh?" He smiled and chuckled, "what other defenseman has 15 goals this year?".
``All the Caps there were great sports, signing things and taking pictures for everyone. I especially enjoyed Laich, he had a great sense of humor and good outlook on being there.
``Vodka and waters are the drink of hockey players. "Don't want all the carbonation and sugar of a soda", I was told.



1) Scoring GW goals isn't going to hurt his chances of getting Phaneuf-similar money!
2) That said, as much as Green may be offensively equivalent to Dion, in his own end he is NOT! He is much better than his first 2 seasons, but he is average. There is a reason he seldomly kills penalties
3) Phaneuf plays the PP, the PK and hits like a freight train. Green will get a nice pay day, but probably closer to 5 mil/season.
4) He could hold out and could very well get a team to make an offer sheet(he'd probably be worth it),but would he want to move?

Hooks Orpik said...

Yeah, faux, you're right there. Perhaps I phrased it a little incorrectly; I didn't get the sense that Green wants $6.5 million, but he admitted to being happy to see Phaneuf signed to set the benchmark.

Ryan Whitney got $4 million for 6 years and Phaneuf's $6.5 for 6 kinda set the neighborhood, I think he'll fall somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

thats cause laich plays on the same team as ovechkin