Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's setting in

Shockwaves of the deal will be felt for a long time, but we went back tonight, before calling it a night and found a picture that does speak 1000 words. Wanted to share it. In all the jubilation and, well, shock that Ray Shero had the fortitude to make such a ballsy deal, the focus was more on what the Penguins were getting and how it all may or may not fit into the big picture for next year's salary cap situation.

But the reality that the Penguins altered their lineup and chemistry so drastically is finally starting to sink in. It'll be interesting to see how the team gels and comes together in the last 18 games before the playoffs. Judging by tonight's 4-2 win over the Fishsticks (yes apparantely there was actual games today), round 1 was a success.

Still, it's going to be difficult to replace a guy who brings things like this to the table...

Farewell, Army

Best of luck to Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen. On a personal note, as this blog editor grew up, learned the internet and started following and tracking prospects Brooks Orpik's 2000 draft class was the first, but Army and EC were two guys we've followed for almost 7 and 6 years now respectively.

We were in attendence for Armstrong's first ever game with the Penguins. It was September of 2002, a preseason game in Washington DC. Armstrong scored 2 goals that night, it was wonderful. We won't stop following either player--or stop being fans, but it's going to be strange not having them in the organization.

In that strange way we'll all get the chance have some closure this Sunday when Atlanta comes to town...It sure will be surreal to see Colby and Crusher wearing Atlanta Thrasher jerseys. But it's the world we live in now.

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1) As we mused on Mirtle's blog this morning We would disagree that the Penguins are that much betetr with this move. Was the Penguins weakness in scoring? If not, how will Hossa make them much better?
2) In our opinion losing guys who are hard working role players who can chip in offensively/are well liked by team mates is an intangible negative that shouldn't be overlooked
3) Has Hossa in his NHL career shown to be a clutch playoff performer? After all this is a clear rental. If he fails in the post season it could be a colossal blunder!