Monday, February 18, 2008

Questions that will define this season

We'll check back in later on the themes that have emerged this year...

#1) Can the Penguins get their key players healthy and contributing again while avoiding other costly injuries?

#2) Well GM Ray Shero address seemingly obvious needs (a scoring winger, a defensive defenseman) the team has to becoming a deep contender?

#3) How will Michel Therrien and the organization handle the goaltending situation once Marc-Andre Fleury is back?



1) It will be a difficult choice. Certainly the 2 playing now haven't played their way off the roster, BUT M-A Fleury shouldn't/can't be tossed aside either because of injury.
2) The best guess is that Sabourin gets screwed and sent down (Does he have to clear wavers? If so, he might be snatched up.
3)Perhaps the answer is for Sabourin to get injured (wink, wink)

Hooks Orpik said...

Yes, Sabourin would have to clear waivers.

The Penguins were in almost the exact same situation in the beginning of the 2006-07 season. Thibault played well throughout training camp and earned a roster spot.

The Pens tried to sneak Sabourin through waivers but Vancouver claimed him.

As much goalie depth as the Pens seem to have at goalie now, if someone were to claim Sabs and Fleury's ankle got re-agged then they'd be in a world of hurt.