Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malkin's Contract Status

John Buccigross, who we genuinely like, irked us: (emphasis added)

There is little doubt Malkin has risen to the challenge in Crosby's absence. I think Crosby's injury and Ovechkin's contract both are motivational tools for Geno. Through his insane play, Malkin has positioned himself for a contract similar to that of his countryman Ovechkin. I'm sure the Penguins are trying or will try very soon -- no later than this summer -- to extend Malkin's contract.
His deal will expire after next season.

More and more, with Ovechkin’s contract signed a lot of people are zeroing in on Malkin as the next big potential RFA to be. And with the way he’s been playing, for good reason.

But here’s the catch; Malkin’s only in the second season of the standard three year entry level contract. The CBA says the Pens can’t even talk extension with him until this summer, at the earliest.

Buccigross has become just the latest to subtly hint or suggest that Malkin’s long-term status as a Penguin could be in jeopardy. Nothing’s ever final until the pen hits the paper, of course, but the two sides aren’t allowed to even talk contract until after this season….It’s not going to happen but we wish the focus would be more on the hockey Geno’s playing right now, than his contract status.


JP said...

Welcome to the world Caps fans were in for the months and months leading up to Ovechkin's deal.

Hooks Orpik said...

While you are right, it just irks me that the talking heads are already talking, when it's too soon for the Penguins, let alone 17 months too soon for another team to make an offer.


1) We have been saying that Malkin won't be a Pen for long (going back even before his first game) Its simple economics.
2) Its difficult in a salary cap NHL to have 2 players making the max and still ice a competitive squad (ask Tampa bay)
3) Yes, Gino has another year on his deal, but the cap max will be going up (again) this summer to 53-56, and therefore the allowable max a player can request (20%) will also rise. A 10 mil/year deal will be seen by the summer of 2009!

Hooks Orpik said...


We'll see if you're right, but I don't suspect you are. Let's even assume Malkin signed a Ovechkin deal of $9.5 million a season (I don't think he'll exceed Crosby but whatev).

That means (starting in 2009-10) Crosby and Malkin will be taking up 18.2 million salary space. That season, the Penguins only have 4 players signed. They have the room.

You note Tampa. It is true that their big 3 players take up over $20 million and half their salary. But due to their unknown ownership situation, they still have $10 million in cap space that could have rounded out a better roster.

The Pens can and will fit the core of their young nucleus. Just watch.