Monday, February 25, 2008

Trade Silence

Apologies for no updates this weekend---this blog's editor does, shockingly, maintain somewhat of a hectic personal life (read: drinks beers with friends and chases girls).

Anyways, you know what happened this weekend; 2 disappointing losses, one an overtime loss, one a shootout. Fleury got his expect re-call and now we're just waiting to see if the Penguins (or anyone in the NHL for that matter) care to make a deadline trade or two.

Here's something cool to think about, courtesy Mirtle, M.D. The Penguins have been the best team in the NHL in the calendar year of 2008. If they can keep that up for a little less than four more months it will be happy times indeed. Hey, that's not asking too much, is it?

Today's a day for a deep breath, as we wait for any trades (check out the widget on the top right of this page for up to the minute breaking news on official deals) and get ready for six games in the next ten nights for Pittsburgh.

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