Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not News: The Maven has no concept of reality

This is worth a chuckle...

As a matter of fact, I'll now go on record stating that the acquisitions of Swedish defenseman Christian Backman and forward Fredrik (Call Me Freddie) Sjostrom will be as positive for the Blueshirts roster as last year's addition of Sean (The Great Gabbo) Avery.

I'll go one step further and hereby forecast that the roster, as now constituted, is good enough to carry New York to the top of the division and then all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals

So a guy who was a 5/6 defenseman in St. Louis and a guy with 73 points in 261 NHL games are going to put the 7th place Rangers all the way over the top?

Oh, Stan.


The Peerless said...

He and Larry Brooks seem to think the universe ends at the East River to the east, the Hudson River to the west, the Battery to the South, and Washington Heights to the north.

Every player desperately wants to play in New York, every player who does will be turned magically into Gretzky, Orr, or Roy.


1) Hooks, as we're sure you already know, Stan is only good for the comedic value. He seems to intentionally go out of his way to make outlandish (dumb) statements to draw attention to himself.
2) You'd think a man who's been following hockey for 60 years would have a better grasp on things. And as Peerless writes, Brooks is a younger version of Stan.