Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who that is? That's just my baby daddy

Congrats to Ryan and Abby Malone on the birth of their son last night. The newest 3rd generation Malone came into the world at a great time; his pop is about to be an unrestricted free agent and if he keeps scoring goals at this regular rate (a four game goal streak and seven goals in his past eight) he's going to stand to sign a pretty big check somewhere.

Game recap coming up later.

Last thought: For as much as everyone has been slurping Ovechkin (not totally undeserved), Geno is now just 4 points (and a game in hand) in the scoring race....Just because Sidney Crosby's out doesn't mean the Penguins don't have a shot at having the Art Ross winner for the 13th time in the past 20 seasons.

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JP said...

It's amazing how much both Malkin and Ovechkin have seemingly seized on Crosby's absence as an opportunity to assert their own awesomeness. Great to see.