Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New man on the top of the mountain

As the Russian fans used to chant: "Zhenia is the best...Zhenia is God"
Your move, Alex.

These two have been a treat to watch, but our guess is you haven't seen anything yet. Both Ovechkin and Malkin--while friendly towards one another-- are very fiercely competitive and want nothing more than to out-produce their fellow countryman. Don't think for a second that Ovechkin won't know heading into tomorrow night that not only is he 2nd in the scoring race; he's 2nd to Malkin.

27 points in the last 14 games. Unbelivable. Everyone knew Malkin was among the top players in the league, but few knew he is towards the top of that heap. Perhaps now he'll finally get recognized for what he deserves by the media at-large. Geno's not just a sidekick to Crosby or stuck in the shadow of the more flamboyant Russian, he belongs right in their class.

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1) Guess we'll start to see all kinds of 'Malkin for Hart' stories like we did Ovechkin 2 weeks ago, right?
2) The kid is really impressing! No soph slump there AND doing it with Sid on the side lines
3) As we wrote here when Crosby went down it might be a blessing in disguise as others get a chance to step up their games to compensate. Well Gino has 'compensated' quite well, thank you!