Monday, February 25, 2008


To make matters worse, the news comes from a reputable source...

Tonight on KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh's CBS affiliate], Bob Pompeani reported that Roberts season and possibly his career could be over.
Pompeani says that Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette reports in tomorrow’s editions thatRoberts, who was expected back soon, after a long recovery from a broken leg, has had a major setback. In fact, his career might be in jeopardy
Roberts told the p-g, that he tried to skate 2 weeks ago and crumbled to the ice in a heap……He was r-examined [sic] and it was revealed that he tore a ligament in his ankle….and now, he hopes to be back by march 27th….but that is a long shot at best!

But then again we are talking about a man who, over 10 years ago, endured two separate 8 hour neck surgeries just for the possibility to play again.

A man who prides himself on dogged determination, an unmatchable toughness and world-class conditioning. But at now almost 42 years old could this leg/ankle problem do the old bastard in?

Now we're going to post a picture to make ourselves feel a little better.

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