Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the ESPY goes to....

Hint: the guy on the left

Japers doesn't like it one bit (or doesn't care), after all this is supposed to be the year of Alex Ovechkin. Sidney Crosby is still the higher profile player with the constant media spotlight, the unending Gatorade commerical and the storybook GWG on the year's most widely watched game.

If you look at pure points per game in playoffs plus regular season, Crosby was in a virtual dead heat with Ovechkin. Sid talled 1.33 (99 points in 73 games) to AO's 1.36 (121 in 89). Crosby played 20 playoff games (to Ovechkin's 7) where points are supposed to be harder to come by.

Not to mention Crosby helped his team to within 2 games of Lord Stanley, while Ovechkin and the Caps were shown the door in the first round of the playoffs.

So picking Crosby over-all as player of the year isn't as bad as Captial fans may cry about....But for Christ's sake it's the ESPYs, not anything important.


JP said...

I think it's a little more accurate to say "Japers doesn't care one bit," and I'm certainly not crying. The ESPYs were garbage whether Ovechkin won or not. How can you take seriously any award show where the five nominees for NHL Player of the Year doesn't even include Henrik Zetterberg?

Hooks Orpik said...

Yeah, it's a non-story really.

I think Seth put it best:

We'd complain about Alex Ovechkin not winning it but complaining about ESPN's coverage of hockey would be like complaining about the Food Network's coverage of hockey.

NHL Personal Checks said...

Crosby is one heck of a player