Thursday, July 3, 2008

MAF gets paid

From the PG:
The Penguins have finalized a seven-year contract with goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

The deal is believed to be worth $35 million, which translates to an annual salary-cap hit of $5 million.

The year-by-year breakdown of his salary is not yet known

Big time money. But Fleury has been a big-time player ever since coming back from an ankle injury. Some might wonder the wisdom in giving a seven year contract to a goalie so young and still prone to inconsistencies...A close observer will tell you that Fleury has proven himself to be the real deal. His talent and quickness has never been in doubt, but he's thought the game better during his 14 win playoff run (something not many goalies can say).
Look around the league at some of the other premier goalies..JS Gigeure got $6 million a year, Cris Huet just got $5.6 million on the open market, Bobby Lou's making $6.75 million and Henrik Lundqvist (who MAF and the Pens easily eliminated) is making $6.875 million.
Fleury is considerably younger than all those players and now locked in for a fairly reasonable term for player and management.

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