Monday, July 28, 2008


As a rule, pretty much anytime we can get the opportunity to talk about Matt Barnaby, we're gonna do it. He's always been among our favorite hockey players considering the character he showed carving his way to a solid NHL career despite deficits in size and all-around talent. Sean at going five hole thinks Barnaby could the the replacement Mullet for ESPN.

We like this, Barnaby is good for TV. He is young, has the look, is fairly well-spoken and has pretty humorous stories and we think would do a good job. Hockey obviously doesn't have the biggest profile on the "World wide leader" but they've shown a little more exposure to our beloved sport lately. So thumbs up to Barnaby joining ESPN in some capacity.

Also, apologies again for the slowness around here....Horrifically casa de Hooks is lacking internet and television right now as we wait for installation of the wonderful Verizon FiOS in all it's high definition splendor. For now, however, we wait. Side effects of this technology down-time have included increased human interaction, depression, loss of the will to live and strange compulsions to venture to strange places such as outside and to bookstores...

..Told ya it was horrifying.

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1) Best time of year to lose such technologies! Inagine it the middle of the winter with the season underway and little else to do? LOL