Friday, July 4, 2008

Penguins sign Janne Pesonen

..To which should immediately asked "who the f is Janne Pesonen".

Well, he's 26 year old Finnish player that's played in Finland his whole career. He plays for the powerhouse team Karpat (along with former Penguin property goalie Andy Chiodo] and has won the champion four out of the past six seasons. Last season Pesonen lead the Finnish league in goals [34], points [78] and plus/minus [+39]. He's listed as a 5'11, 180 pound winger.

Thanks to the magic of youtube, here's a Pesonen highlight reel. The guy is definitely Ovechkin-esque when it comes to celebrating goals--we especially like the "drop to your knees and slide" routine when the score of the game is now 4-0 at the 0:41 second mark. (Warning: there's a funky sounding Finnish song in the background, check your speakers..)

Who knows is Pesonen will be able to hack it in the NHL, a highlight reel from the Finnish league doesn't necessarily mean future success in the difference of style of the North American game. However skilled wingers don't grow on trees and the guy did just win a scoring title, so he has to have some amount of talent. It'll be interesting to see if maybe the Pens scouts have pulled a rabbit out of their hats on this one.


Jeff - From Pittsburgh said...

If you wanna see how many points a Finnish League Scoring Title translates into, look at some of the people who have won that title and played in the NHL

It is not a physical league...both Kariya brothers not named Paul won the title and neither could find full time work in the NHL for very long...most because of their size. Pesonen is bigger than both of those guys and may have shot of standing up to the physical play in the NHL.

Hooks Orpik said...

Good point, Jeff. I thought I made it clear that just because you're a good player in the Finnish league doesn't mean you'll be good in the NHL. But Finland has produced many skilled and hard working players that can compete at any level (see silver medal 2006).

I'm not sayin' Pesonen will be a hit for sure, but I am glad at least the Pens are going outside the box to try and find skilled wingers potentially for Crosby and Malkin.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

They haven't signed him yet ... they are still working out the contract, but I think he's coming here anyways ... Russia's trying to get him to play for their league so I hear ...

Anonymous said...

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