Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sykora training with Straka, is delusional

Cool translation of an interview at Steel City Sports Fan with Petr Sykora...

Q: Thanks to Satan signing you don’t have to be that disappointed about the loss of the productive Slovak Marian Hossa. Is that so?

A: I take it a little differently. For me, it’s better that Hossa left, because now I should get back on the first power-play unit again. That’s the best place how my productivity can help the team.

Crosby and Malkin should be locks playing up front on the #1 PP (we've had enough of Geno playing the point, a position he doesn't like and isn't as good at). While Sykora could be the third foward there, it could also be Satan, arguably the same player or a big body in front of the net like Jordan Staal or even Rusty Fedotenko.

It's just summer so we'll see what happens but it sounds like Mister Sykora may have his hopes raised if he thinks he's got a spot on the top PP unit.


ruutsfan37 said...

THANKS for the plug!!



1) Sykora should know better. Those spots need to be earned. Not big Satan fans, but he could reemerge now that he is out of hockey-hell(LI)