Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm skating on blades like Sidney Crosby

Title of the post comes from a reference we found on Pensblog. If nothing else, consider it a good indicator for hockey when the biggest rap star in the game today drops a Sidney Crosby reference in a song. Hey, the sport must be on the radar a little bit, right?

Yeah, it's July and free agency has settled down. If you've looked a little on the internet today, scrounging all corners to get your hockey fix, you've probably already seen or read about the new information about EA Sports video game NHL 09. Puck Daddy thinks it could be G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

Speaking of hockey video games, one player we picked up in a dynasty mode was Adam Henrich, a 6'4, 220 pound winger that's a former 2nd round pick in 2002 and a good minor league scorer. Well the Penguins followed our lead and signed Henrich today to a one year deal. He'll play in Wilkes-Barre to start the year, but this past season seven forwards that started the year in the AHL (Connor James, Jeff Taffe, Chris Minard, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Filewich, Nathan Smith and Tim Brent) combined for 98 man-games in Pittsburgh. So you never know.

Speaking of James, he re-signed with the Penguins too. Pittsburgh also added a big 6'6 26 year old defenseman Joey Mormina (who played one game with Carolina and the rest with their farm club) and TJ Kemp, 5'11 puck moving defenseman who scored 46 points in 73 AHL games last signs. These moves were all designed with minor league intentions, but the point again being one never knows in the dog days of summer which players a team may be forced to call upon during a tough stretch in the following winter.

That's about it for news on the home front.

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