Friday, July 25, 2008

Do Not Get


Therrien is a dangerous combination of narrow-minded and panicky. You could see it during the finals when he didn't change anything against the Wings until he suddenly moved Ryan Malone to the top line, only to put things back the next
game. I suspect we'll see more moves like that from Therrien, and as he loses people in the locker room, which is rumored to be the case, these knee-jerk switches will be less and less effective.

You'd think Therrien's the only coach ever to make a line adjustment in an effort to jump-start his team. Or that a player like Malone (who's spent a significant amount of time playing with center Sidney Crosby) was unfit for such an assignment.

As far as "[losing] people in the locker room, which is rumored to be the case", we think an indictment of that is Brooks Orpik--a player who's had problems with Therrien--coming back to Pittsburgh a for half a million less a season. Or Evgeni Malkin not thinking twice about re -signing. We defy anyone to show one quote of a Penguin player that's openly dissatisfied with Therrien and let it be known.

Of course it's natural to go through difficult stretches and get "tough love" from Therrien (like Orpik or Ryan Whitney's temporary stints LW) but every player knows that Therrien's style has been right for the team so far.

Outside observers have never been quick to give Therrien credit, we'll see if he can earn some generalized respect.

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