Monday, July 7, 2008

Conklin to play outdoors again

Something interesting as news is broken that Chicago and Wrigley Stadium will officially be the next host of the NHL's biggest sideshow, err regular season event of the year.

This will mean of the three regular season games (Edmonton/Montreal in 2003, Pittsburgh/Buffalo 2008 and now Chicago/Detroit 2009) will share Ty Conklin as a common link in them all. Conklin, you'll remember, is the Pittsburgh free agent who went to Detroit that hasn't drawn disdain.

If Conkblock had signed to NYI is there any doubt that the rumored early favorite for the outdoor game (Islanders/Rangers at Yankee Stadium) would have happened? Ok, maybe not but it's summer and not much is going on right now.


JP said...
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JP said...


This will also be Brian Campbell's second outdoor game. I wonder if he's as excited to play in this one as he was to play in last year's.