Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day

A day early, but we don't care. Hockey takes a backseat to those who stand up for our rights and all those who, over the years, haven't come home.

And everytime I hear 21 guns, I know they brought another hero home to us

picture credit the New York Times....From Capt. Shane Adcock's funeral 10/27/06

You think Marian Hossa signing with the Red Wings is bad....Imagine your boy gets pulled behind a bunch of horses and gets laid up in Arlington on a cold, rainy October day. Nothing, and we do mean nothing, could be worse than that. But it's reality. It's perspective. We're really not trying to play any sympathy cards or anything but deep down this platform is always our place to remind our readers to think about the sacrifice. And say thanks. So thanks for everything and RIP Shane-o, the guy who took us under his wing and personally taught the editor of this blog how to be "a fucking man". Some things you'll never, ever forget.

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