Thursday, January 31, 2008

Answering Questions (That No One Asked)

Last night while watching TSN, they were talking during an intermission about the distraction caused by Ray Emery’s continual tardiness and Matthew Barnaby referenced one of his NHL experiences.

He told a story about his lone season in Chicago how they had a disruptive player. He wouldn’t name names because the player was still in the league. Barnaby said the young teammate tested the veterans and his coaches by showing up late and I believe Barnaby said once he was even sent home from the rink, on orders from the team’s player leaders. Barnaby then said a couple of months later the player was traded.

This set off a detective case…Ok, so it’s not something that’ll end up in a Sherlock Holmes novel but follow us here…

The following players were traded from Chicago during the 2005-06 season (this site is a lifesaver for this type of research)

Matt Ellison, Anton Babchuk, Jaroslav Spacek, Todd Simpson, Tyler Arnason

Of the above mentioned, neither Spacek or Simpson are players that Barnaby would refer to as young, Babchuk is back in Russia and Ellison has almost exclusively been in the AHL for the past two years.

Leaving only Tyler Arnason (now with Colorado)…Could he be the oft-late young player that ruffled feathers in Chicago?

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Ashley said...

Thanks for taking the time to try to sort it out. I was wondering the same thing myself, but I was too lazy to do anything :)