Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tyler Kennedy hops on the Indefinite Injury Train

News today about what's kept Tyler Kennedy out of the lineup, it's mono!

TK will be out of the YoungStars game this weekend and beyond. Jeff Taffe has played pretty well in the NHL and Erik Christensen is healthy again so the Pens should be able to hold the fort down without him for a while.

They'll still miss the energy he can bring to a game (which neither Taffe nor EC provide) so perhaps this will mean an extended chance to stay in the NHL for a guy like Ryan Stone or Jonathan Filewich that could bring a little uptempo forechecking to the table.

Mono, isn't that the kissing disease? It's a good thing Kennedy doesn't play for the Flyers, their whole team might catch it...

(Photo courtesy of the Pensblog and the genius/sicko that submitted it)



1) For a second thought that was the promo for a new Movie that would rival Slap Shot, "Brokeback Backchecking"

Hooks Orpik said...

Bravo, faux, bravo....Disgusting but funny.