Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Winter Classic Indeed

Wow what a game. I can't wait to see the ratings just out of sheer curosity. Game thoughts:

``My initial thought was this game was exactly like the Steelers/Dolphins game. The game conditions were so terrible that you really can't take too much away for either team. You just have to hope you get the bounces and come out on top. In both this hockey game and that Steelers game the total number of points on the final scoreboard was 3, by the way.

``I don't know who wouldn't have faith in Ty Conklin, but he played awesome today. He absolutely held the Pens in it, making numerous great saves left and right.

``Great exchange happened today at my house. A bunch of my friends (who all grew up in Virginia and don't know much about hockey) were watching with me. Obviously they were paying attention today and could tell Sidney Crosby is the face of the league and was the emphasis of the game. Noticing that the game deciding shootout goal was on his stick, one buddy astutely noted:

"Wow this couldn't have worked out any better for the league, the game's #1 bright star with a chance to win it in such an exciting fashion"

I quickly pointed out how the games most skilled players in the game often fail at shootouts and Crosby was but 6 for 20 in such attempts since the beginning of the 2006-07 season.

Aside from being shocked/disgusted that I could recite such a stat another friend remarked: "Yeah, but if he's as good as the hype that we've been watching for the past 3 hours, he's got to bury this".

Instantly I thought of all the Crosby-haters that might understandably get fed up with all the attention he receives. Silently I nodded, he does have to finish it.


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