Friday, January 4, 2008

Bill Clement Says: Laraque is #1

In an effort to keep showing how 'Big' Georges Laraque is clearly the top heavyweight in the game, here's Bill Clement "Clement, Hands of Cement"'s top 5 fighters:

1. BGL
2. Raitis Ivanans (Phoenix Coyotes)
3. 'The' Donald Brashear
4. George Parros (Pittsburgh native, Anaheim Ducks)
5. Derek 'The Boogeyman" Boogaard (Minnesota Wild)

A veteran who has played since the late 1990s, Laraque sits in the king’s thrown among the NHL’s tough guys. It’s like opposing enforcers bow at his feet before they drop the gloves with him. He fights less nowadays as is to be expected since he has developed so great a reputation that often his mere presence on the ice is enough of an impact.

This passage on Laraque is right on. Several of the self-proclaimed 'tough guys' (Colton Orr, Ben Eaves, Brian McGratton) have backed away when Laraque's been in their face....Orr and McGratton have answered the bell at times, and they've both paid the price.

Further, ask any close observer of the Penguins to compare the post-whistle abuse guys like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have had to endure since Laraque's joined the organ-eye-zation. The difference is very, very noticable.

Personally we here would probably rate Boogaard a little higher on the list but the list isn't that far from the truth.

Ivanans may be an unknown on the East Coast, but fight fans know that he's a monster. As a beer-league level hockey player (and former collegiate athlete) Ivanans pure guns may be the best in the league.

The previous sentence written may be the gay-est thing on Sweater Ted, but look at this picture for Christ's sake

Personally, watching a lot of Brashear's recent fights (scroll halfway down to see a drubbing of McGratton), I'd say The Don has learned from Laraque (the hard way) about adjusting his style to use his size, force and intimidation to just rely on jackhammer lefts to over-power the opponent.

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