Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indulge us, we're off our meds...

To dream the impossible dream...

So, instead of tinkering with the roster come trade deadline time next month, maybe looking to pick up some defensive help or scoring depth up front for the playoffs, the Rangers now must consider something more dramatic, possibly stunning, if they are going to get back in the Stanley Cup game.
And if general manager Glen Sather is considering such a move, that consideration begins and ends with Jagr.

Just sayin, this post is totally hypothetical, theoretical, anything else you want to call it.

There are plenty of reasons why it’ll never happen. Aside from the obvious Jagr history in Pittsburgh, it’s rare that division rivals would trade with each other, certainly when NYR still has hopes for the playoffs.

But, in the event they’re ready to part with Jags, consider:
``Mario Lemieux still loves JJ. He was a surprise guest to honor Jagr for a 600 goal ceremony last season in New York. And boy was he happily surprised to see Mario honoring him. Say what you want about the “dying alive” days or how it’ll never work out; if you’re good with Lemieux, you’re good with the Penguins.
``Salary wise, it’s do-able. Jagr’s, as usual, is in a unique situation. His pre-trade to the Rangers stipulated the Capitals would pick up millions of his salary every year. The new CBA has since outlawed this, but this transaction can’t be reversed or tinkered with. So, as is, Jagr’s cap hit to a team is $4.94 million (with the Caps paying/absorbing the rest of the $8.3 million he gets paid). Since a little over the season is over, NYR has paid him roughly $2.6 million and JJ would be owed $2.3 million be a team for the rest of the season if they were to pick him up today.

Does Jagr have enough in the tank or has his statistical drop-off this season shown he’s about finished? Perhaps.

Would it be crazy to think about 68 flying down a wing with Crosby or Malkin? Probably.

Will this trade ever happen? Absolutely not.

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