Monday, January 7, 2008

Stone, Lannon Recalled

The Penguins were sitting at having the minimum number of healthy skaters, 18, on their NHL roster. So, while getting ready to embark on a 3 game southern swing for a week, they figured they might need the flexibility just in case an injury strikes.

Enter 2 Ryans: (Stone and Lannon).

I wouldn't mind seeing Stone get a crack in the lineup for one game, he plays a role that could fit in well on a lower line.

Lannon, barring injury, will likely not sniff the lineup. No worries there.

More interesting to me, is that regular callup Alain Nasreddine was left in Wilkes-Barre.

On one hand, the Penguins regular 6 defenseman are all filling their roles well and there's no place in the lineup for Nasreddine. His services can be better spent in the AHL where he's a big part of a team that's made a turnaround in the standings right about when he got there. Plus to keep him in game shape there's no need to sit him every single night.

But, then again consider that it is unusual to carry six defensemen. Lannon is an emergency option and it doesn't seem like he is an NHL caliber player and perhaps never will be.

So why no Naz? Could he be falling victim to a provision in the CBA over re-entry waivers?

For those who may not know, Nasreddine would be exposed to re-entry waivers if he was recalled. He is a decent option as a 6/7 veteran guy.

But, better than that, his salary would be a steal....Nasreddine's cap hit would be half of his $535,000 contract. But, since the season is half over, the Penguins have paid him half of that (or the equilivant for being in the minors).

Re-entry waivers would force the Pens to pick up half his remaining salary, leaving the new team to pay just 1/4 (or $133,750) for Nasreddine's services for the rest of the year.

That would be quite the bargain for a team with defensive injuries, and especially if they're nearing the salary cap.

Those financial considerations are likely the reason it's Lannon, and not Nasreddine, that got the call this morning.

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