Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nope, nothing going on here

Welcome to day two of a three day minivacation for the Penguins. This month started off with 7 games in 14 days and then this little breather...But don't get to used to it, the NHL's hottest team plays 3 games in the next 4 days starting Friday.

Great excuse to use this picture.

It pays to be a commenter, We're going to do a little digging on a very popular recent post about the depth of a "rental" acquisition. We'll dig through and put some analysis up on deadline-type trades over the past 10 or so years. We really have no idea where this will turn out, and no bias that we hope the conclusions point to. Just expect a lot of data on how these things turn out. As in

  • how long the "buyers" advance in the playoffs, and if the sacrifice was worth it
  • the percent of "rentees" that stay in their new homes
  • the return of what the "sellers" get, i.e how did they develop the young players and prospects and draft picks they got in return. It's not only about value it's what an organ-eye-zation can do with it.

If you have any other ideas or angles that this should be approached from, feel free to let it be heard in the comments.

There’s also something in the works for the goalie situation when Marc-Andre Fleury makes his return from injury (which might take longer than you think).

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