Monday, January 28, 2008


Right before the All-Star break the Penguins demoted a trio of young forwards they had recently recalled (Ryan Stone, Tim Brent and Chris Minard). We thought it interesting that they leave Jonathan Filewich on the NHL roster and also interesting that it left them with just 11 healthy forwards. But with visions of Gary dancing in our head, we were stunned to see Kris Beech back as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

Allow us to repeat that sentence; we were stunned to see Kris Beech back as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

It’s kind of ironic that this weekend we were watching the “Chasing the Dream” DVD that was a documentary of the 2002-03 Wilkes-Barre Baby Penguins and were thinking about how some of the most promising players on that team (Beech, Milan Kraft, Michal Sivek) didn’t pan out in the NHL but more unheralded guys like Rob Scuderi and Tom Kostopolous are in the show this year.

It’s also kind of ironic that the Pens grabbed him from Washington (who had grabbed him from Vancouver less than a week ago). We were going to do a post saying how Beech came full circle by returning to the organ-eye-zation that drafted him, but it didn’t seem right since Washington intended to keep him in the AHL where he is a difference making center. And, in the back of the minds here, we always thought Beech would come full circle, to us, if he ever ended up back with the black and Vegas gold.

Well shit.

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1) Funny we did a post on this subject this morning as well:
2) We figure Beech will be a Penguin a week or two maximum before they also try to send him down and invariably gets picked up by yet another team!