Friday, January 11, 2008

Malkin Gipped

As you've doubtlessly heard by now, the NHL released the Eastern Conference All-Star list.

And, as always, not everyone is going to be happy. The official list is more than slightly different than ours.

My picks who got snubbed: Tim Thomas, Michal Rozsvial, Mike Green, Mats Sundin, Alexei Kovalev and Evgeni Malkin.

So, if you're keeping score at home, aside from the slam dunks (Ovechkin, Heatley, Kovalchuk, etc) we didn't get a single one right really.

Ouch. we still would like my roster/lineup against the real one though. And this isn't baseball, each team is not guaranteed a selection. And even those representatives were flawed to us: Sundin and Rozsival have been better than Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle on their respective teams. Choosing from each team handcuffs guys who deserve to be there coughGenocough and lets in a guy like Eric Staal who's having an inferior season by comparision.

Iit is what it is what can you do. We're not really that upset, it's just a glorified exhibition game....But if the Sarge (Sergei Gonchar) was excluded TST would be on the warpath.

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