Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're Bust"

Days like today would certainly be the former, which is always better than the latter..

``Talk about setting a tone early…Big Georges is in the starting lineup and so is Colton Orr. That’s probably about all you need to know to realize what comes next. The Penguins are 7-1 in games where BGL drops the gloves.
``After this fight the Rangers would take four minor penalties this period (a couple of the weak variety) that lead to two powerplay goals and a 3-0 lead. At this point we leaned over to a friend and said, “this is going to get ridiculous on the Pens getting called for everything, just you watch.” The next six minor penalties all went against the Pens including borderline calls on Crosby and Malkin that don’t get called on most nights.
``The Penguins were outshot 17-2 in the second period. Maybe it was because they were shorthanded for over 6 minutes of it, maybe they let their foot off the gas after getting the 3-0 lead but for some reason it didn’t even seem like they were in real danger, despite the shots piling up, not many were very good. And those that were got gobbled up by Ty Conklin, who had another Herculean effort.
``For the 2nd time in six games Malkin had a hat-trick. And on both nights he only took 4 shots on goal. Precision indeed. In fact several sequences Crosby and Malkin basically just played keep away in the Rangers zone almost their entire shifts, seeming to attempt to outdo each other in holding onto the puck. It didn’t look like shooting came into either’s mind. No matter, these two took over the show.
``Nothing against Jarrko Ruutu or Maxime Talbot, but they are not linemates that a goal scoring winger like Petr Sykora could play off of. Colby Armstrong has been a turnover machine of late too, we’d think Sykora and Ryan Malone (who’s playing the body and opening up room great on the PP) should get moved up a notch or two, and Army down a little.
``We’re not big on rooting for injuries, but wouldn’t it be great to see another all-star forward get hurt in the next couple of days and replaced by, oh we don’t know, Mats Sundin? The Penguins could use another night for Geno to be a hat-trick hero.

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