Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fight Night?

We tried to repress the memory of the last Philly/Pens game, in case you forgot it ended 8-2 for the bad guys, saw joke of a NHL player Ben Eager avoid Georges Laraque like the plague but still take an ass-whipping from someone almost old enough to be his father.

Needless to say, there was a lot of emotion in that game; and since that time both teams have been doing a lot of something else too: winning. The Flyers have been victorious in 10 of their past 13 games and as well as the Pens have played recently, they’re only one point up on Philadelphia.

For these reasons we don’t expect too many extracurriculars tonight: the game is simply too important, both teams are in a fierce battle to accumulate points, and Eager has been traded. Perhaps Riley Cote (if he’s dumb enough) will fight BGL but don’t expect many fireworks, barring back to the lineup Colby Armstrong or Jarrko Ruutu lay a crunching hit on a player who keeps his head down (think what Gary Roberts did to Simon Gagne, which we sadly can’t find on youtube).

Tonight, of course, is the last regular season games before the All-Star break. For some reason, with all the injuries, with all the emotion that has been given in the past couple of weeks, it feels like, to us, the Pens might come out flat and perhaps will not give their best performance. To grab 2 points out of a division opponent on the road would be huge, so hopefully they’re up to the task before the break.

As for us? Well it's dollar hot dog night at the Verizon Center. Plus, dusting off the old student ID gets you a $25 lower level ticket. Can't beat that with a stick. Over/under on how many hotdogs this author will eat? We're taking odds at 3.5

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